McLean House in Appomattox in April 1865 via Library of Congress, no known restrictions

The McLean House at Appomattox where Lee met with Grant was owned by Wilmer McLean (seen here, seated on his porch next to the front door) who moved to the farmhouse to avoid the war which began on his former property at First Bull Run nearly 4 years prior






Grant was just a few weeks from his 43rd birthday and Lee was 58






Ely S. Parker, Seneca Chief via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

The Union officer who penned the terms of surrender was a Native American who was an attorney as well as an engineer.






The name “Appomattox” is derived from the name of a group of Native Americans the “Appomattoc”






Blanford Church, built in 1729 – Petersburg, Virginia via NYPL Digital Collections, no known restrictions

There was a Revolutionary War battle that was fought along the Appomattox River near Petersburg, Virginia that took place over 8 decades before Lee and Grant fought near the same town prior to their meeting at McLean House






via NYPL, no known restrictions

Before discussing the subject of surrender Lee and Grant conversed for about a half hour about their past, including the time they served in the Mexican-American War





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