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American History:
June 24

On June 24, 1664, Sir George Carteret was granted lands between the Delaware and Hudson rivers. In the Royal charter, the lands were called “New Jersey” for the first time.

Image of Sir George Carteret via Wikimedia Commons, public domain 

"Saloons and disreputable places of Hazen, Nevada 
June 24, 1905.”

Hazen, Nevada first appeared on maps two years earlier in 1903.  

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

On June 24, 1953, Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier were engaged. 
They announced their engagement the next day. 

Image: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy, 10 years later at The White House in 1963 via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

On June 24, 1938, a meteor that weighed about 1 million pounds broke into pieces when it hit the earth’s atmosphere about a dozen miles over Chicora, Pennsylvania. 
The explosion was so great that local residents believed that a nearby storehouse for gunpowder had detonated. 

Image of the Chicora meteor fragment via Smithsonian NMNH - Mineral Sciences Dept., no known restrictions

Portrait of American abolitionists (brother and sister) Henry Ward Beecher & Harriet Beecher Stowe

Henry Ward Beecher was born on June 24, 1813 in Litchfield, Connecticut.

H. W. Beecher Quote: 
“Success is full of promise till men get it; and then it is last year's nest from which the bird has flown.”

via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Field Telegraph, battery wagon and officers tent of Military Telegraph Corps, headquarters Army of the Potomac on June 24, 1864

via Library of Congress, no known restrictions

To oversee U.S. Naval aviation forces, Congress created the position of Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Aeronautics on June 24, 1926.
The first person to take office 
was Edward P. Warner (shown here) who assumed office nearly 2 weeks later.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, no known restrictions

On June 24, 1980 satellite equipment was placed in this chamber in order to simulate a space environment so that a nuclear device could be detonated directly below it, in an underground shaft. 

The purpose for the experiment dubbed “Huron King” was to evaluate the effects of nuclear radiation on communication satellites in space in the event of a nuclear explosion.

The experiment cost more $10 million.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, no known restrictions

American inventor Thomas Blanchard was born on June 24, 1788 in Sutton, Massachusetts.

His first machine was a tack making machine that he developed in 1806 that could make 500 tacks per minute. 

In 1825 Blanchard also invented a steam-powered “horseless carriage” which is considered to be one of the first automobiles in America. 

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Jack Dempsey was born on June 24, 1895 in Manassa, Colorado.

Dempsey became Heavyweight Champion on July 4, 1919 and held the title for over 7 years 

Image of Jack Dempsey & children c. early 1920s via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

"Hidden in hollows and behind clumps of rank brambles were large tents, dimly lighted with candles, but looking comfortable. The kind of comfort they supplied was indicated by pairs of men entering and reappearing, bearing litters; by low moans from within and by long rows of dead with covered faces outside. These tents were constantly receiving the wounded, yet were never full; they were continually ejecting the dead, yet were never empty…”

Ambrose Bierce from What I Saw At Shiloh (1881). American author and Civil War veteran, Ambrose Bierce was born on June 24, 1842 in Meigs County, Ohio.

Sidewalk Café

- 1899

A painting by American artist Robert Henri.
Henri was born on June 24, 1865 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

On June 24, 1916 Mary Pickford signed a one million dollar, two-year contract with Paramount.
“America’s Sweetheart” not only starred in the films, but the new contract gave her a percentage of movie revenue.

Image: Mary Pickford and a furry friend in 1916 via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

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