Chilling American Authors and Their Spine-Tingling Stories of Yore – Part 4 of Volume III

 Heartfelt History
Chilling American Authors and Their
Spine-Tingling Stories of Yore: Volume III


Our final featured author was born the day before Halloween in 1857

She was from San Francisco, California and her works dealt with various subjects including the history of her home state.

Gertrude Atherton


Throughout her career Atherton also composed several hair-raising short stories…

“That night she could not sleep. Suddenly she was lifted from her thoughts by strange sounds that came to her from the hall without. She opened the door cautiously. A white figure was flitting up and down, wringing its hands, the gray hair bobbing about the jerking head. “No use!” it moaned. “No use, no use, no use! I’m old, old, old! Seventy-four, seventy- four, seventy-four! Oh, Lord! oh, Lord! oh, Lord! Thy ways are past finding out. Amen!” Abby closed her door hurriedly. She felt the tragedy out there was not for mortal eyes to look upon. In a few moments she heard the steps pause before her door. Hands beat lightly upon it”

A Monarch of a Small Survey  – 1901


We conclude Volume III of our October Chilling American Authors series with a dreadful story from Gertrude Atherton  


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